Source code for metatools.imports.discovery

import os
import ast

from . import utils

[docs]def get_toplevel_imports(module): """Get the imports at the top-level of the given Python module. :param module: An actual module; not the name. :returns list: The absolute names of everything imported, """ path = utils.get_source_path(module) if path is None: return [] return parse_imports( open(path).read(), getattr(module, '__package__'), getattr(module, '__name__'), path=path, )
[docs]def parse_imports(source, package=None, module=None, path=None, toplevel=True): """Get the imports at the top-level of the given Python module. :param str source: Python source code. :param str package: The ``__package__`` this source is from. :param str module: The ``__name__`` this source is from. :param bool toplevel: Walk the full AST, or only look at the top-level? :returns list: The names of everything imported; absolute if package and module are provided. """ names = [] try: # Discard all trailing whitespace to avoid syntax errors due to # too much white in the last line. mod_ast = ast.parse(source.rstrip()) except SyntaxError as e: print '# %s: SyntaxError in %s: %s' % (__name__, path, e) return [] for node in ast.walk(mod_ast) if not toplevel else mod_ast.body: if isinstance(node, ast.Import): names.extend( for alias in node.names) elif isinstance(node, ast.ImportFrom): base = '.' * node.level + (node.module or '') names.append(base) if node.module: base += '.' names.extend(base + for alias in node.names) if package is not None and module is not None: names = [utils.resolve_relative_name(package, module, name) for name in names] return names
[docs]def path_is_in_directories(path, directories): """Is the given path within the given directory? :param str path: The path to test. :param str directory: The directory to test if the path is in. :returns bool: """ a = filter(None, os.path.abspath(path)[1:].split('/')) bs = [filter(None, os.path.abspath(x)[1:].split('/')) for x in directories] return any(a[:len(b)] == b for b in bs)
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